Friday, February 24, 2012

"This is How We Do It"

Isn't it crazy how music can remind you of “that time when”  _______________ (you fill in the blank). Just for a second think about your favorite old school jam, I mean really take a second and think about it (maybe even hum it a little lol). Now that you’ve got it… press pause… and think about the journey YOUR favorite old school jam just took you on. Crazy, Right?!
Didn’t a whole world of emotions just come rushing back to you? Doesn’t it make you want to find your nearest time capsule, travel back in time however many years, and relive those moments?! That feeling right there… that feeling is what I am experiencing right now!

Most of us have seen the Jackson Hewitt Tax Commercial that features the song “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. I promise you (underscore promise) EVERY SINGLE TIME this commercial comes on I feelobligated to GET UP OFF my behind and DANCE lol. It’s that serious! Now I’ve seen this commercial quite a few times before now, but for some reason today the feeling was extra special, and I was inspired to do this post. The reminiscent feeling I get whenever I hear a song from “back in the day”, is like a breath of fresh air. No matter what is going on in the present, those 4 minutes or so of a blast back to the past gives me life! It takes me back to simpler times. Back to times when things were eaZy (easy with a Z lol)

OH.MY.GOOOOODNNEESSS (or OMG for short)!! I wish I could truly convey the hype, excitement, and pure JOY I am feeling right now. I don’t quite think that this text is painting the FULL picture for you lol. The marketing GENIUSES (or what Steve Stoute would call the tanning) of Jackson Hewitt and Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It”, has officially started a night filled with good music, and memories.

Here is a list of my favorite throw back songs that are top of mind. What are some of yours? Leave a comment response below. I would love to jam with you!

And if you happen to be a friend of mine reading this I hope you find “US” in this list. Remember performances that only you and I could give, hitting notes only you and I could share, and doing dances only you and I could make up. LOL. LOVE YOU ALL FOR THE MEMORIES!!

*As a disclaimer by no means is this the final/end all-be all list. These are just the songs that I thought of first while freely writing this post. *
In no specific order.. Let’s jam!

Rude Boys – Written all over your face
India Arie – Interested, Video,  Brown Skin
Brandy – Sittin’ on Top of the World, Have you Ever,  Almost Doesn’t Count
TLC – Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, No Scrubs
Usher – You Remind Me, You Make Me Wanna ,  Confessions Part 1, You Don’t Have to Call
Deseree – Gotta be, I Ain’t Movin’ (Crazy Maze)
Next – Too Close, Wifey
Montell Jordan – This is How We Do It
Tevin Campbell – Can we Talk
Sammie – I Like It, Crazy Things I Do for Love
Mario – Just a Friend
Maxwell – Fortunate, Ascension
Kanye West – When it All Falls Down, Champion , Good Life
Mariah Carey – We Belong Together,  Always Be my Baby,  Never Forget You , Never too Far Away, Hero
Jesse Powell – You
R. Kelly – World’s Greatest, I Wish, When a Women’s Fed Up , Religious Love
City High – What Would you Do, Carmel
Musiq Soul Child – Love, Don’t Change, Just Friends
Soul 4 Real – Candy Rain
Keke Wyatt ft. Avant – Nothing in This World
Sunshine Anderson – Heard it All Before
Brian McKnight – Back at One, Anytime
Baby Face – Every Time I Close My eyes
Common – The Light, I Use to Love Her, Come Close
Beyonce – Me, Myself & I, Yes
Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills, Bug a Boo, Say my Name, Free, If, Jumpin Jumpin
Luther Vandross – Always and Forever, Here and Now, Endless Love, Since I Lost my Baby, Superstar/Until you Come Back to Me, Going in Circles, Ain’t no Stoppin’ Us Now
Michael Jackson – Human Nature,  Billy Jean, PYT , Beat It
Whitney Houston – Exhale (Shoop Shoop), Count on Me, It’s not Right but It’s Okay, I’ll Always Love You
(Note: My mom’s Luther, Michael, & Whitney CD’s got a lot of rotation when I was little. My living room performances, & our coffee table as my stage seem to come to mind)
Donnell Jones – Where I Wanna Be
Jodeci – Forever my Lady, Cry for You
Ginuwine – Differences, Same Ol’ G, Senior Album
Tyrese – Sweet Lady
Ginuwine, Case, & Tyrese – What can a Brother Do for Me?
Jagged Edge – I Gotta Be, Walked Outta Heaven
702 – Where My Girls At
Donny Hathaway – A Song For You
Ahmad – Back in The Day

This list could go on for FOREVER, but I have to stop it somewhere! Lol. Just a small sample of some of my favorite songs that bring back some of my favorite memories.

Hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to share your fav Old School Jams with me!  I LOVE all sorts of music! Don’t be afraid to mix our play list up a little :)

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