Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love Lost

One of the most mysterious wonders of this world, in my opinion, is that of relationships. It’s a bond between people that so seemingly serves as a reflection of who we are, and inadvertently shapes who we become.  Relationships are so varied with complexity, but yet so simple. They are two-faced in a sense. We long, search, and experiment with different people, and different situations. All in hopes that we will find our perfect fit. Only to sometimes come to the realization that our relationship trials were destined to end in error.

It’s risky.

But yet, we all find it a risk worth taking.  Why? Well, because of love. To experience the joy of having someone to love, and having someone to love you. It’s a feeling that provides us all with a sense of completion. It gives us security in a life where anything goes. Love is the constant, the one thing we know for sure. But why then are relationships so fleeting? When the reason we enter into them at all is to find the stability of an unselfish love?

Consider your relationships for a moment, be they kinships, friendships, or romantic. Think about what serves as the foundation of the bonds you have come to share with the people most significant in your life. For me it’s trust. A trust that assures me that it’s okay to feel the vulnerability and openness real love calls for.  Its trust that compels me to share a constant such as love with someone, whatever our dynamic might be; family, friend, or partner. Once our trust has grown enough that we can share love, it’s constant for me… even when trust is broken. I guess I would say that although trust serves as the foundation of my relationships, love sustains them. By this I have to ask myself what about the relationships that have seemingly ended? If love is a constant, do relationships ever really end? I don’t know. I can’t say that I can give a concrete logical answer to that question, but my heart says no. Once love has developed, no matter how the relationship met its demise, a connection is still shared. The memory of the security, the happiness, the consistency of that love, somehow sustains that relationship to a varying degree.

This stuff makes you think, huh? As you reflect, ask yourself if you believe love loss is really possible? Or if a true sign of wisdom birthed by experience, is to be able to confidently say “I have no love lost”? Mysterious indeed, are the topics of love and our relationships with others. But what about the relationship we have with ourselves? Is the same complexity still there? If love is a constant, and the relationship with ourselves is always present, is the only way to know a consistent love is to develop the relationship we have with ourselves? Food for thought…
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (To be continued in the next post)

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