Thursday, October 18, 2012

23 (B-Day)

23.. Wow! Where does the time go? Though part of me is kind of freaked out about how fast time is passing by, the other part is excited to greet 23. I've declared this year to be the year of my transition. Now what it is I am transitioning into exactly, is still a mystery; I am still working on trying to figure that out lol. But I do know that I don't want to be delayed by not acting. Sitting around waiting on my epiphany is not going to cut it anymore. I want to practice the mantra of "DOING" rather than just talking about it. The key to getting any of my ideas to come to fruition is to act. Yes, it is definitely easier said than done, but at some point we all have to learn to let go of the excuses right?
Especially when at the end of the day we are the only ones we can truly hold accountable. I want to use this year to fully transition into the person I see myself being. I'm letting go of the distractions and unwillingness, and trading them in for discipline and inspiration. What are some of the self improvements you've been wanting to make, but haven't yet? Below is a list of 23 things I want to practice this year to grow into the person I know I was purposefully designed to be. If you can relate, share your personal growth list in the comments section. I'd love to share in your journey!

List of 23

1) Be more disciplined (Don't just talk about it - Be about it)
2) Live authentically (Do me - live freely without fear of judgment or consequence)
3) Step outside "the box" (Do something everyday that I wouldn't normally do)
4) Be more cognizant of the power of my thoughts (Positive thinking changes realities)
5) Don't sweat the small stuff (Worry less.. Pray more)
6) Surround myself in inspiration (Things and People)
7) Let go of preconceived notions (Don't allow fear to hold me back)
8) Challenge myself (Find daily activities that will promote well roundness)
9) Don't take love for granted (Cherish the moments)
10) Always be prepared (Don't look for validation)
11) Invest in me (Quality me time)
12) Live in the moment (Don't over think it)
13) Eliminate distractions (Remember an excuse is nothing but a well planned lie)
14) Express more (Don't retreat inward)
15) Pursue dreams (Even when they don't seem realistic)
16) Make wellness a lifestyle (Mind, Body, Spirit)
17) Capture ideas and execute (You never know which idea will be your break)
18) Give (Share blessings)
19) Practice balance (Have harmony)
20) Develop networks (Get, and stay connected)
21) Enjoy the journey (Don't get caught up in the details)
22) Be an inspiration (Inspire others)
23) Be 100% honest (Be real)

In honor of 23...

Don't forget to share some of your goals below! :)


  1. I share many of the same goals that you have. Especially number one, three, five, eleven, thirteen, and sixteen. When I hit 23 (8.14.12) , I felt proud of the woman I have become so far and excited to meet the woman I will become. It is scary and at times very frustrating because the person we assumed we would be at 23 is not who we are. Some other goals I would add to you list ( which is hard because you listed some great ones) are:
    Explore yourself
    Create opportunities for knowledge and growth
    Invest in you relationships (personal, romantic, and, professional)
    Find a hobby
    Learn to appreciate the differences in others more
    Dream BIG!!